Preventing Spiders Under Your Eaves

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a cellar spider

Spiders are beneficial to our ecosystem. They keep insect populations in check. In fact, we love them in our gardens and flower beds. But not so much in and around our homes where spiders love to build webs tucked under the eaves.

Some spiders in Texas are dangerous and even those that aren’t can still leave a nasty bite that can become infected.  So, eliminating spiders from around your home is the best option for keeping your family safe.

Covenant Pest Control recommends these 4 tips to prevent spiders from building cobwebs under the eaves of your home.

Tips for Preventing Spiders Around Your Home

1.   Clean Thoroughly Under the Eaves

Regular cleaning will keep spiders out from under your eaves. Use a long-handled brush to sweep out the cobwebs making sure to remove the egg sacs. You can also use a shop vac to vacuum out the cobwebs. Remember to empty and clean the shop vac thoroughly. Next, hose under the eaves and take a stiff-bristled brush with a long handle to scrub away any remaining cobweb residue.

2.  Reduce Outdoor Light

Insects are attracted to bright light. Replace your outdoor lights with yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs. These low-level lighting options will reduce night-flying insects which attract spiders.  In addition, if you don’t need all the lights on outside your home, you can turn off some of your outdoor lighting to make your home less inviting to insects.

3.  Eliminate Potential Spider Homes

Spiders are attracted to warmth and shelter. Keep firewood away from your home. And make sure to clean up debris and leaves from around the perimeter of your home.

4.  Actively Repel Spiders

Apply an all-natural spider repellent. Spiders do not like rosemary, lavender, citrus, or peppermint. You can mix your own homemade spider repellent using 2 cups of water, 5-7 drops of essential oil, and a drop of dish soap. Use a spray bottle to apply the repellent under your eaves. Reapply regularly to keep spiders at bay.

You can also purchase liquid insecticides. But you’ll want to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and always use goggles to protect your eyes from misting chemicals.

Utilizing regular pest control services including natural pest control can help you actively repel spiders and other insects as well.

Keep the Home Interior Spider Free

If spiders are outside, they’re also likely indoors. We recommend vacuuming your whole house, especially in corners and closets. You want to clean anywhere spiders can hide.

Spiders live near their food sources. You’ll find them by lighted areas and windows and doors.  Regular cleaning will prevent spiders from congregating in and around your home.

You’ll want to seal all openings in and around your home to prevent spiders from entering: small cracks in the foundation, a torn screen, dryer vents. Spiders can crawl in through the smallest of spaces.

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