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  • Roaches

    • Lifecycle of a Cockroach

      Cockroaches go through 3 stages of life: egg, nymph, and adult. Females produce one egg sac each month for ten months. Each sac contains on average 16 eggs. The female cockroach will carry an egg case for several days and will then place it in a safe, damp place.

      On average cockroaches live 6 to 15 months depending on the species, moisture, and temperature.

    • What do cockroaches eat?

      Cockroaches feed on both plants and animals. They will feast on almost anything but especially like sugary foods, grease and fat, starches, and meat products.

      They will even eat glue, book bindings, and human hair.

      Cockroaches are attracted to decaying plants, rotting trash, compost piles, dog droppings, and cat litter. These unwanted pests are known as the sanitation workers of the animal kingdom. The worse something smells, the more attracted the cockroaches are.

      Keeping your home and yard clear of debris and utilizing pest control will help eliminate these pesky critters.

  • New Construction Treatment

    • Are new construction treatments really necessary?

      Preventive termite treatments are absolutely necessary in the state of Texas, not only because anti-termite measures are legally mandated for all new construction, but also because Texas is one of the states with the worst termite problems in the country. Termites in Texas routinely cause damage like:

      • Window and doorframe warping

      • Structural rot including studs, beams, and joists

      • Partial ceiling and floor collapse

      • Wall bulging 

      • Rotting in exterior features such as decks

      Thorough proactive termite treatments can help prevent this serious damage.

    • Am I legally obligated to do a new construction treatment?
      Yes. Here in Texas, it is legally mandated for all new wood constructions to incorporate termite preventive measures. This is not just the case in Texas but in the majority of the country. At least 34 states require some kind of termite treatment for all new wood constructions, and most of these states are in the southern half of the country, where most termite problems occur.
  • Eco-Friendly Control

    • Why choose eco-friendly pest control?
      You should choose eco-friendly pest control services because eco-friendly products focus not just on eliminating pests but also on protecting the environment. At Covenant Pest Control, our green products have a lower overall impact on the environment so that you can sleep soundly in a pest-free home without worrying about the effects on the local ecosystem.
    • Is eco-friendly pest control effective?
      Eco-friendly pest control can be very effective on most types of pests if performed correctly. Certain eco-friendly products may require more frequent application or supplementation with traditional products. We will work with you to create an eco-friendly plan that will keep your home free from pests.
    • How much does eco-friendly pest control cost?
      Sometimes, eco-friendly pest control may run a bit higher than traditional pest control costs. This is due to a few different factors, including the research and development that goes into creating new pest control technologies and the fact that some eco-friendly methods are more labor-intensive. However, given the consequences of not using eco-friendly methods, a few extra dollars are worth it.
  • Fire Ant Treatment

    • What do fire ants look like?
      Fire ants are tiny red and black colored ants ranging in size from one to five millimeters. The back end has a venomous pouch and a stinger used to inflict damage. They build large, flattened mounds that are irregularly shaped and can grow between two to four square feet in size.
    • What are the symptoms of a fire ant bite?

      Fire ants are capable of stinging any exposed area of skin, although they typically attack the parts closest to the ground (like feet, ankles, and shins). Their sting leaves small, white pustules on the surface of the skin, which eventually turn into bumps or welts as the venom runs its course. It’s not uncommon to feel a burning or itching sensation followed by weeping blisters.

      On rare occasions, fire ant venom can cause a life-threatening reaction. If you experience any of the following symptoms:

      • Trouble breathing

      • Swelling of the throat

      • Anaphylactic shock

      Please seek emergency medical care immediately

    • How can I prevent fire ants from attacking my Boerne property?

      Fire ants like open, sunny areas and often build their nests near a water source. While you can’t get rid of all attractant factors, you can work to manage certain elements in your yard.

      Here are four fire ant prevention tips you can use to make your yard less inviting:

      1. Eliminate excess water sources.

      2. Remove any decaying wood.

      3. Fertilize your lawn on a regular basis.

      4. Limit open spaces by adding plants to your landscape.

      Have you spotted new mounds around the yard? Just give Covenant Pest Control a call today.

  • Lawn Pests

    • What kind of lawn pests do you target?

      Our lawn pest control experts target a variety of common yard pests, including:

      • Fire ants
      • Fleas
      • Ticks
      • Chiggers
      • Grub worms
      • Chinch bugs
      • And other lawn nuisances

      We create pest control plans to take care of the specific insect concerns in your lawn.

    • How can I get rid of bigger lawn pests?

      Do you have armadillos and skunks digging up your lawn? This may have something to do with nearby pest activity.

      The holes left by destructive backyard critters may be a sign of insect problems. Pests like ants, worms, and grubs mean dinner for wildlife animals, and these pesky varmints may go to great lengths to dig them up in your yard. Eliminating smaller pests is often the easiest way to manage local wildlife.

    • What can you do about a flea infestation?

      Do you have pets that are suffering from fleas? You need a specialized flea treatment program to solve the problem. Thankfully, this can be dealt with in a simple three-step process:

      1. Covenant Pest Control applies specialty treatments to remove adult fleas and eliminate developing larvae.
      2. We plan a second visit within five or six days to perform a second flea treatment on your behalf.
      3. Your yard should be protected from fleas for a full 60 days.

      If you have additional flea problems before your 60 days are over, rest assured we’ll return to retreat your lawn totally free of charge.

  • Mosquito Control

    • What kind of mosquito treatments do you use in Boerne?

      Covenant Pest Control is dedicated to providing the best possible mosquito control treatments to your home and family. If we wouldn't use a product around our home, we wouldn't use it in yours, either. That's why we hand-pick each of our products to ensure your peace of mind.

      Our team of professionals relies on Proflex Encapsulated Solutions to perform mosquito control at scale. This product incorporates fast-acting ingredients to reduce mosquito populations and prevent larval development. It's also approved for use around buildings, lawns, trees and shrubs, pet kennels, and more.

      You're welcome to learn more about our mosquito control products by contacting Covenant Pest Control today.

    • Where do mosquitoes like to live in Boerne?

      Mosquitoes thrive in cool, damp places with plenty of shade and vegetation. The damp ground underneath decks, shrubs, hedges is an ideal breeding ground here in Boerne.

      Keep an eye out for areas with moist soil or puddles, even when the rest of your yard is dry. These are powerful attractant factors that draw breeding populations, as well as standing water in buckets, yard equipment, and children's playscapes. When you call Covenant Pest Control to perform a mosquito fogging service to get rid of mosquitoes, we can help evaluate your yard for factors that might attract new mosquitoes.

    • How long does it take to get rid of mosquitoes in Boerne?

      Mosquitoes are an ever-present threat here in Boerne, which means there's no such thing as complete mosquito removal. However, you can make a significant impact on their numbers – and with Covenant Pest Control, you only need a single treatment to see results.

      Give us a call today to chat with an expert about a personalized timeline for your mosquito control efforts.

  • Rodents

    • Are rodents dangerous?
      Rodents present a significant amount of danger because they both spread disease and destroy property. They love to chew on electrical wiring and rip up plush furniture to make their nests. They are also filthy and have no compunction about leaving feces and urine in your food storage containers and on your food prep surfaces.
    • How do I know I have rodents?
      There are several signs that you might have rodents in your home. If you start seeing chewing damage or finding torn-up outdoor furniture, that is a good sign rodents are present. You may also hear scurrying sounds inside your walls or in your ceiling. Rodent droppings are another good indicator, as are live rodents themselves.
    • What can I do about rodents?
      The best thing you can do to get rid of rodents is to call the experts here at Covenant Pest Control. Our experts can help you eliminate rodent infestations, no matter how significant. Don't waste your time with ineffective store-bought products. Just call us.
  • Termites

    • Are termites dangerous?
      Termites are not dangerous to your health because they cannot sting and don't spread disease. However, termites are very dangerous to your property because they eat wood. This can and does lead to serious structural damage that may cost thousands to repair. The best way to avoid the dangers of termites is to catch conducive conditions and early infestations before they do damage.
    • What are the signs of termites?

      Termite identification is notoriously difficult because you will rarely see live termites crawling around, and most of the signs of termites have to do with the damage they cause. Early warning signs you have a termite problem include:

      • Termite sawdust and excrement (called frass)

      • Pinholes in drywall 

      • Scratching sounds inside walls

      • Mud tubes around your foundation

      • Walls that sound hollow 

      If you see one or more of these signs, you need to call for professional termite control right away.

    • How can I get rid of termites?
      Eliminating termites is almost impossible to do on your own. If you have a termite infestation, you need to call the professionals here at Covenant Pest Control right away. We can help ensure all the termites are eliminated from your property and stop termite damage in its tracks.