Who Is Responsible for Pest Control in a Rental Unit?

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Who Pays for Pest Control at a Rental?

If you live in a rental unit, what do you do? Who’s responsible for pest control in a rental unit?

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities Regarding Pest Control

Do you live in a rental unit? Have you spotted a trail of ants marching along your baseboards? Or a scorpion crawling across your ceiling? Bugs are a big problem here in Texas. Enough to send even the calmest into a panic.

Texas Law for Pest Control in Rentals:

Although laws regarding pest control vary by state, Texas Property Code 92 states: “For a condition that materially affects the physical health and safety of an ordinary tenant, the landlord is required to make repairs or to remedy the condition.”

The lines of responsibility are a little blurry.  Often routine pest control, such as on-going services for roaches or stinging insects like scorpions, is the responsibility of the tenant because there is no safety concern.  However, if the pest problem poses a physical health or safety issue then the landlord must pay.

But what constitutes a pest problem that is a safety issue?

Landlord Responsibilities

A few examples of when the landlord might be legally obligated to cover pest control include:

  • Rats or mice are seen entering the home.
  • Rats or mice can be heard in the walls posing a fire hazard.
  • Fleas or bedbugs are on the premises when you move into the home.
  • A pest problem is severe enough to be considered an infestation.

Tenant Responsibilities

Generally, routine preventative pest control will be the responsibility of the tenant.  Since most pests, in small numbers, do not constitute a health problem, it does not fall under the legal responsibility of the landlord. 

In addition, some infestations may also be the tenant’s responsibility.

For example:

  • you caused the pest problem by neglecting to keep your premises clean and free of debris
  • your pet is the cause of fleas in the home

What to do When You Have a Pest Problem in a Rental?

We recommend reviewing your lease agreement. Your agreement should clearly state who is responsible for routine pest control.

When you experience a pest problem, call your landlord first. Let them know you have a pest problem. They may have a preferred exterminator.  Or you can request a visit from the pest control experts at Covenant Pest Control.

Our knowledgeable technicians will visit you and inspect your rental unit. We offer a FREE consultation. And we’ll recommend the most effective pest management plan for your situation.

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