5 Great Bakeries in Boerne & Boerne & Surrounding Areas, Texas

Serving Families Throughout Boerne & Surrounding Areas
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Craving something sweet? As our Covenant Pest Control technicians are out and about the Boerne and Boerne & Surrounding Areas, we see some great new businesses coming to town as well as some awesome oldies.  If you’re looking for sweet or savory, these 5 bakeries located in Boerne and Boerne's surrounding areas are sure to have something to tantalize the taste buds. Stop in next time you’re in the neighborhood! Enjoy the goodies on location or take them home for a relaxing deck party along with a bouquet of flowers from one of our local flower shops.


     401 S. Main Street


Bear Moon Bakery is steeped in small-town tradition. They pride themselves on offering local products, organics, and goodies. All are handcrafted in small batches to ensure mouth-watering satisfaction. Just listen to what their customers are saying: “Delicious,” “Fantastic,” and “Delightful.” Stop by. Your sweet tooth will thank you!  They also offer up a great cup of joe.

2.  Opal & Onyx Cookie Co

      31007 I-10, Suite 102


Opal & Onyx started in a small cottage building. Now it has blossomed into the “go-to” spot for the best cookies around. They live up to their motto, “We don’t just bake cookies. We create bite-sized happiness.” Using only the finest ingredients, cookies is their passion. Who can resist the deliciousness of a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie?

3.  Tootie Pie Co

      1445 S. Main Street


Tootie began baking pies in the early 1980s and has been honing her baking skills ever since. Her 5-star pies are “the best in all the surrounding area.” What better way to bring family and friends together? A cup of coffee and a slice of the most delicious pie! Tootie is now retired. But her legacy of community and perfect pies continues with Tootie Pie Co.

4.  Lani’s Cheesecakes & Coffee House

      510 Hwy 27

      Boerne & Surrounding Areas

Looking for the best cheesecake in the Texas Hill Country? You can find it at Lani’s Cheesecakes & Coffee House. Whether your favorite is Turtle Pecan, Strawberry Swirl, or Triple Chocolate, you’ll find it at Lani’s. This family-owned and operated bakery strives to “bring smiles to peoples’ faces and warm their hearts with joy.”

5.  Wander’n Calf Espresso Bar & Bakery

      817 Front Street

      Boerne & Surrounding Areas

Wander’n Calf Espresso Bar & Bakery was founded out of the love of a mother for her child with “unique” abilities. Together, they are committed to serving only the best coffee and baked goods. All goodies are made in-house from scratch. Assisting others on their journey to lead productive lives, Wander’n Calf provides opportunities to individuals with special abilities to learn business, hospitality, and baking skills. Won’t you stop in and join them on their journey?

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