Does mosquito pest control harm the environment?

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Many environmentally conscious homeowners are concerned about the effects of mosquito fogging on the environment.  You also may be asking, “Does mosquito pest control harm the environment?” According to the Center for Disease and Control spraying for mosquito pest control is not harmful to people, pets, animals, or the environment when done correctly. However, mosquitoes have a negative impact on society.

Let’s consider the dangers of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are carriers of deadly diseases and viruses that affect adults, children, and pets. Mosquitoes kill more than a million people worldwide each year. They spread the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, and more. They also infect our dogs and cats with heartworms.

When you consider the dangers posed to humans and pets by mosquitoes, the effects of mosquito fogging on the environment are minimal.

Does mosquito pest control harm the environment? Professionals Ensure Minimal Environmental Harm

Trained professionals can implement procedures and products in ways that ensure the most efficient solution to the mosquito problem.  We recommend mosquito fogging be performed monthly during mosquito season.  Our expert technicians are knowledgeable and trained in the safe application of insecticides to provide maximum results with minimal harm to the environment.

At Covenant Pest Control, we use Proflex Encapsulated Solutions to both kill adult mosquitoes and prevent larvae from developing. We’re careful not to spray flowering, blooming, or edible plants to protect pollinators. And we make certain to spray the cool, damp areas where mosquitos thrive: underneath decks, around shrubs and hedges, and near-standing water all of which are ideal breeding grounds.

Covenant Pest Control Recommends Additional Natural Solutions to Mosquitoes Control

To maximize the benefits of mosquito fogging, you can manage your environment to reduce mosquito proliferation. These 4 tips are easy to follow and can have a big payoff and they help you to continue protecting the environment while managing mosquitoes.

  1. Regularly empty containers with standing water where mosquitoes lay eggs
  2. Cover water containers to block mosquitoes from getting inside
  3. Repair cracks or gaps around your septic tank
  4. Cover plumbing pipes or open vents

Mosquito season in Texas is a long one. Protect your family from these unwanted pests and begin enjoying your yard again.

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