Extermination vs Pest Control?

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Is there a Difference between Extermination and Integrated Pest Control?

When you have a bug problem, you want to take care of it as quickly and effectively as possible.  But when you search for an exterminator online, you may see a difference in company listings.  Some listings may claim to be exterminators while others simply designate themselves as pest control companies.  So, is there a difference between exterminators and pest control technicians?  Well, the answer is yes and no.  Let’s take a deeper look.

Traditionally, service technicians who eliminated bugs were referred to as exterminators because they exterminated, or completely killed, your bugs, like roaches, by using harsh chemicals.  Many of the chemicals that were used in fumigation and extermination procedures are no longer on the market.  They are now considered harmful to the environment and/or people.

Extermination vs Pest Control: Pest Control Defined

Now instead of extermination, pest control services provide you with integrated pest control.  These services take a more holistic approach to pest elimination.  We look for the cause of pest infestation and recommend ways to eliminate the bugs’ attraction to your home.  In addition, we use insecticides that have been approved for use in and around homes, industry, and crops.  These insecticides don’t have the same harmful effects that traditional extermination pesticides have on the environment and are considered appropriate for residential use.

With an integrated pest control approach, homeowners can even choose to use natural botanical oils as an organic method of pest control.  This provides a more natural option to the use of traditional extermination.  And it’s a method that many people feel comfortable with.

Pest Control Regulations & Licensing

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture licensing agency licensing for pest control includes the “inspection and/or control of pests in and around homes, businesses and industries.  This includes insect pests or pest animals which may invade homes, restaurants, stores and other buildings, attacking their contents or furnishings or being a general nuisance, but do not normally attack the building itself, as for example, roaches, silverfish, ants, flies, mosquitoes, rats, mice, etc.”

As noted by TAMU, becoming a pest management specialist requires education and training as well as passing an examination.  This field is highly regulated by the Texas Dept of Agriculture.  If you would like to learn more about the licensing requirements, you can visit the Texas licensing website.

Covenant Pest Control

Even though there is a technical difference between extermination and integrated pest control, many people use the terms interchangeably.  And that’s not without reason.  Both methods have the same goal:  to eliminate the bugs that are bothering you.  So, if you want to call us exterminators, we won’t mind.  Our Covenant Pest Control technicians are licensed as “structural pest control” technicians or exterminators. And we’ll take care of your bugs using the methods we know have been approved for use around your home and family.

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