How Often Should I Schedule Pest Control?

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Confused About the Best Frequency for Your Customized Treatment Plan?  We’ll Help You Evaluate How Often To Schedule Pest Control Services.

Most pest control companies offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment plans as well as one-time treatments, but how do you know how often to schedule pest control services for your home?  Covenant Pest Control helps you evaluate the best frequency of services to keep your home bug-free with our customized treatment plans that meet your individual needs and budget.

We discuss the issues you are having with pests and match it with services that are designed to handle those problems.  Let’s take a look at some of the considerations for creating your customized pest control treatment plan.

Best Frequency of Pest Control Services Depends on  Your Unique Situation

  1. Type of pest - Treatment requirements differ depending on the type of pest problem you’re facing.  The type of products needed changes with the type of pest being treated.  In addition, the reproductive and life cycle factors must be properly addressed for each type of offending insect.
  2. Extent of infestation - It’s important to treat your home or business to prevent a small problem from becoming a big one.  Prevention takes less frequent treatment than overcoming a current infestation.
  3. Season and temperature - Areas with hotter temperatures and frequent rain require treatment more often.  In Boerne, the temperatures stay moderate all year long.  This means the most effective treatment schedule will include a scheduled service even during the winter months.  In addition, early spring is the best time to prevent insects from reproducing and populating your home. Also, consistent rainfall can create an atmosphere that promotes an abundance of bugs around your home.  In Texas, we can have rainy seasons at any time of the year.  And in years when the rain continues past the usual spring rains, pest control services will be even more necessary for controlling insects that might usually not proliferate as quickly.
  4. Natural habitat surrounding your home - Areas with abundant wildlife may require more frequent treatment.  In addition, having rocks or gravel around your home can provide a habitat for scorpions, centipedes and spiders.  On the other hand, tall grasses around your home may lead to an abundance of mosquitos and fleas.
  5. Moisture levels around your home - Moisture attracts pests. You can safeguard your home by minimizing moisture build-up.  However, if you are unable to reduce the moisture around your home, more frequent pest control treatments may be necessary.
  6. Use of botanical, organic products - If you prefer to use organic, plant-based products, you may require more frequent pest control treatment to effectively control the insects around your home.  Generally, a monthly treatment plan will provide optimal results for organic pest control.

Schedule Regular Pest Control Services

The only way to minimize exposure to harmful diseases for you and your family is to utilize pest control procedures.  Professional pest management experts understand the lifecycle of insects and the best options.

For the best pest defense, we recommend regularly scheduled pest control services. If a pest problem persists between scheduled treatments, our expert technicians will come to your home or business and re-treat at no cost to you. It’s our guarantee.

In addition, we recommend partnering with us in making the most efficient use of pest control services with these tips on how to prepare your home for pest control.

If you need help, call Covenant Pest Control at (830) 320-4002.