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Pest Control for Flying Insects in Boerne and Kendall County, TX

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While some species of wasps are beneficial pollinators and play a valuable ecological role, wasps can also be dangerous.  If they feel threatened, they may sting repeatedly. Their powerful sting causes pain and swelling around the area of attack. For adults and children who are allergic, a sting can be deadly. In fact, stinging insects send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year.

As both solitary and social insects, wasps can live alone or in communal nests with hundreds of wasps leaving your family vulnerable to wasp attacks.

If you have a nest, or even just a few solitary wasps hanging around your porch, garage or shed, give us a call for flying insect pest control.  We’ll remove the nest and treat for individual insects to keep your family as protected as possible.


Hornets are the largest of the wasp family reaching up to 2.2 inches in length. They have large heads and look very similar to yellow jackets. Hornets live in communal nests made of wood pulp commonly known as a beehive. Some species of hornets build their nests in trees and shrubs. Others build nests in underground cavities. Each nest has one egg-laying queen and its attending workers.

Hornets will aggressively guard their nests when threatened. In fact, hornets are among the most dangerous of the stinging insects because they can sting the intruder repeatedly.

If you spot hornets or see a hornet next near your home, call for our flying insect pest control services as soon as possible.  We’ll take the proper precautions to remove the nest safely from your property.

Ground Nesting Hornets

Ground nesting hornets build underground nests that look similar to ant hills. While ground nesting hornets usually nest individually rather than in communal nests, they generally nest close to each other. If you have ground-nesting hornets, you’ll find many small dirt piles in a small area. Each mound will have a large entry hole in the center.

Ground nesting hornets will also make their nests in rotted wood, piles of compost or mulch, or in old animal burrows.

If you have children who play outside or animals, eliminating ground nesting hornets is an recommended preventative measure.

Yellow Jackets

One of the most common types of wasps in Texas is the yellow jacket. While smaller than other types of wasps, they can be more aggressive. In fact, they are more likely to sting than other wasps. Yellow jackets are easily recognizable with their yellow with black markings.

Although, like most flying insects, yellow jackets play a beneficial role in our ecosystem, you don’t want them building their in-ground nests by your front door or pool.

Call us for flying insect services that allow these yellow jackets to continue their vital role as pollinators and scavengers (eating other insects, flies, grubs, and harmful pests) while not living on your doorstep. You won’t have to worry about them swarming around your trash receptacles or by canned drinks at your pool.

Mud Daubers

Another common Texas flying insect is the mud dauber.  This species of wasp can be identified by the small mud nests they build on exterior walls, under eaves, on garage doors, and other protected surfaces.  Most mud daubers in the Boerne area are black with a long, narrow waist connecting the thorax and abdomen.

As a beneficial insect, they act as pollinators as they feed on plants and nectar, and they also feed on spiders and other small insects keep those populations in check.

While they are generally not aggressive toward humans, they will sting if provoked. And if you have large numbers of them in high traffic areas of your home or yard, accidental provocation is almost inevitable.

If mud daubers are keeping you from feeling comfortable in your garage or yard, give us a call.  We’ll remove the troublesome nests and treat to prevent additional nests from being built.

If you have an infestation of flying insects, call Covenant Pest Control for the reliable, effective elimination of your pest problem. One of our expert pest control technicians will come out to your home or business when it’s convenient for you. We’ll look to find the source of your pest activity and inspect common nesting areas inside and outside. We’ll design a customized pest treatment plan and recommend the best long-term pest control for your home or business. We guarantee results!

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