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Mosquito Control In Boerne, TX

Send Mosquitoes Packing With Covenant Pest Control

Texas has a long mosquito season that lasts for months on end. And worse, mosquitoes are known carriers of dangerous diseases and viruses. Children and adults alike can become infected with serious ailments, while pets can be infected with heartworms and other parasites.

If you're sick and tired of retreating indoors, relentless scratching, and caring for welts, then you can rely on Covenant Pest Control to get a free mosquito control consultation. We can design a custom mosquito fogging control plan to protect your favorite outdoor space from invasive mosquitoes. We can also provide helpful advice to prevent future infestations from taking root. 

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Mosquito Control In Boerne, TX

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Covenant Pest Control's mosquito fogging service can help you feel comfortable sending your children and pets outside again. Having a mosquito-free yard is not only more enjoyable, but it gives you peace of mind about your family's health as well.

Here's what you can expect from our mosquito control services:

  • We perform mosquito fogging once per month during the mosquito season.

  • Your assigned pest professional fogs designated areas with an effective mosquito control product.

  • We notify you anytime we see potential mosquito breeding areas in your yard.

  • We guarantee mosquito protection between monthly treatments.

  • We also provide one-time event mosquito fogging for less complex services.

Getting the right kind of mosquito control doesn't have to be difficult. You can get access to all the above and more by contacting Covenant Pest Control today. We look forward to serving you and your family with the highest quality mosquito control in Boerne and the surrounding areas.

Our Mosquito Control Process

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We inspect your entire property for the signs and symptoms of mosquitoes and factors that could be attracting them to your property. Once we locate these pests and uncover their breeding areas, harborage zones, and attracting factors, we can construct a plan of action with your needs in mind to get rid of current populations and prevent new infestations.

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Covenant Pest Control offers customized mosquito treatments delivered by trained pest control professionals. In order to minimize mosquito populations on your property, we rely on backpack spray fogging systems with monthly applications to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle and keep mosquitoes away from outdoor areas. Regular treatments can prevent the resurgence of mosquito populations.

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Follow Up

Our monthly follow up services occur at least once per month throughout the active season. This schedule ensures that your property stays free of mosquitoes. By applying regular treatments we can keep your property feeling mosquito-free. We always work alongside you to encourage the best possible results!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Control

Covenant Pest Control is dedicated to providing the best possible mosquito control treatments to your home and family. If we wouldn't use a product around our home, we wouldn't use it in yours, either. That's why we hand-pick each of our products to ensure your peace of mind.

Our team of professionals relies on Proflex Encapsulated Solutions to perform mosquito control at scale. This product incorporates fast-acting ingredients to reduce mosquito populations and prevent larval development. It's also approved for use around buildings, lawns, trees and shrubs, pet kennels, and more.

You're welcome to learn more about our mosquito control products by contacting Covenant Pest Control today.

Mind Mosquitoes No More With Covenant Pest Control

Nobody likes the presence of mosquitoes near their Boerne home or business. Luckily, all it takes is some professional help to reduce their numbers significantly. The eco-friendly mosquito treatments of Covenant Pest Control are always available to help. With a single call to our local pest control business, you can get started on solutions today.

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