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New Construction Treatment In Boerne, TX

Take Care Of New Construction Treatments With Covenant Pest Control

When you're building new constructions in the Boerne area, termite prevention treatments are an essential part of the process. The last thing you want is for your custom dream home or the new homes and businesses your company builds to be eaten from the inside by termites right after you complete them. Of course, it won't really happen immediately, but termites are sneaky pests, and they can invade new constructions a lot faster and easier than you might think. This is why new construction treatments are so vital. 

What's more, Texas law mandates that all new construction made of wood have preventive anti-termite measures incorporated into or beneath the structure. This means that not only are preventive termite treatments necessary to protect the wooden structures you build, but they can also be vital to ensuring you are up to code.

New Construction Treatment In Boerne, TX

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The good news is that Covenant Pest Control offers some of the best termite control around. Our preventive treatments won't just get you up to code, but they will protect your custom home or your reputation as a builder by making new constructions much more difficult for termites to invade.

Termites are no joke. They do massive amounts of damage throughout the state of Texas, with our warm and humid environment doing little to slow them down. You might think that it is already difficult for termites to invade new construction, and you would be partially right. It is harder for most termite species to invade new hardwood than it is for them to invade aging and damaged hardwood. However, many termite species, especially drywood termites, find new wood little more than an inconvenience, and they can easily colonize it anyway. This is why preventive treatments are so vital.

Here at Covenant Pest Control, our termite prevention methods are designed to protect your new construction from the many different kinds of termites that just love to invade Texas homes. We can make sure that all of your Boerne construction projects are built to repel termite intrusion.

Our New Construction Treatment Process

We don’t do traditional sub-slab pesticide treatments because they only last a year in the soil and then leave your new construction without a termite barrier after that. Our termite protection methods are designed to be far superior. The first thing we do to treat your new construction is insert a wood bore termiticide treatment every three to five feet. We also hit plumbing penetrations and other hot spot areas that termites use to invade constructions. 

We can perform fill treatments as well. This is where we treat all lumber from the roof to the slab. Our prophylactic termiticide comes with a five-year warranty and is meant to last with your new structure. These treatments don’t just prevent subterranean termites from invading your new construction; they also help ward off drywood termites and carpenter ants. After five years, you can choose to extend your termite warranty if you still own your new construction. The new termite bond will go year-to-year.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Construction Treatment

Preventive termite treatments are absolutely necessary in the state of Texas, not only because anti-termite measures are legally mandated for all new construction, but also because Texas is one of the states with the worst termite problems in the country. Termites in Texas routinely cause damage like:

  • Window and doorframe warping

  • Structural rot including studs, beams, and joists

  • Partial ceiling and floor collapse

  • Wall bulging 

  • Rotting in exterior features such as decks

Thorough proactive termite treatments can help prevent this serious damage.

Trust Us With All Your New Construction Treatment Needs

When you need new construction treatments, there's only one local termite company to call: Covenant Pest Control. Not only will our experienced termite professionals help you ensure that your building is up to state codes, but they will also help give you peace of mind that your new build won't have to worry about a new termite infestation anytime soon. So whether you are building the home of your dreams or a whole neighborhood to go on the market, give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your termite protection services today.

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