Pest Control In Boerne, TX

Boerne is 31 miles north of San Antonio and is known for its German heritage. It features many shopping, dining, and historical attractions for people to enjoy a short drive away. The larger nearby city provides even more entertainment options, making this community a great place to live and work.

There are unique aspects to Boerne, but residents experience the same pests as other communities. Food, water, and shelter attract these creatures to local properties. The animals can spread damage and illnesses throughout homes and businesses, threatening the health of residents. 

Fortunately, Boerne, TX, pest control professionals can protect you from these intruders. Covenant Pest Control uses the best tools and techniques to eliminate pests and prevent infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Boerne

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Boerne residents enjoy a unique community near one of the biggest cities in Texas. While it's a great place to live, the local pests can be irritating and sometimes dangerous. They use tiny entry points to invade homes, damaging structures, and contaminating surfaces. Some spread illnesses when they bite, so the best option is professional home pest control in Boerne, TX.

Covenant Pest Control protects families and properties from troublesome pests. Our professionals start with a comprehensive inspection to identify the infestation, evaluate the situation, and create a treatment plan. We use a handheld sprayer to treat your interior and a solid barrier spray to prevent other intrusions. We customize our services for each customer and provide free follow-ups when you sign up for our recurring services.

In addition to one-time treatments, we offer monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly plans to keep your home pest-free. Call us to get a free estimate on our residential pest services.

Commercial Pest Control In Boerne

Boerne hosts businesses that provide residents with various goods and services. The pests that reside in the community cause headaches by damaging materials, contaminating products, and spreading illnesses. They can negatively impact your production and reputation, but commercial pest control in Boerne, TX, can keep them away.

Covenant Pest Control knows the animals that trouble local businesses. Our pest professionals will inspect and treat your property monthly or bimonthly, eliminating intruders and staying ahead of potential problems. We'll handle your pest concerns so you can focus on other parts of running your business.

Pests are a significant concern for businesses because they can impact your operations. Contact us to discover how we'll protect your Boerne facility.

Why Are There So Many Fire Ants In My Boerne Lawn?

Fire ants are among the most common and frustrating pests on Boerne properties. They live in large colonies, building mounds in open and sunny spaces. They spend most of their lives underground in your soil but rise to the surface when it rains to avoid drowning.

You might not see fire ants on your property, but they'll quickly appear if you approach their mound. These pests are very territorial, defending their nest by stinging people who disturb them. They're also problematic for residents because they invade properties in large numbers. Some quick facts about fire ants include the following:

  • Colonies can climb to more than 200,000 members.

  • Southern states feature high humidity and warmth they thrive in.

  • Insect repellents do absolutely nothing to deter fire ants from stinging you.

Their populations and aggressiveness make these pests hard to eliminate. Fortunately, Covenant Pest Control provides expert fire ant control in Boerne. Our pest professionals will find the ants and develop the best treatment plan. We use insecticides that stop reproduction in the mound and can prevent other lawn pests.

Fire ants are irritating insects to find in your yard because they sting and are hard to remove. Give us a call if you see fire ants in your Boerne lawn.

The Easiest Path To A Pest-Free Lawn In Boerne

Lawn pests commonly cause problems for Boerne lawns. They feed on your grass and plants, damage your property, and leave dirt hills in your yard. In addition to impacting the appearance of your lawn, this damage can reduce the value of your property.

Many of these animals remain hidden and cause unseen damage to your yard. The best way to avoid these problems is to prevent them from invading in the first place. Ways to keep lawn pests from your Boerne property include:

  • Mow regularly.

  • Address moisture issues.

  • Eliminate weeds.

  • Keep your lawn clear of sticks, twigs, and leaves.

Covenant Pest Control is the lawn pest control expert for Boerne residents. Our pest professionals will inspect your lawn to discover the intruders and develop a plan to remove them. We provide one-time treatments and monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly recurring services to protect your yard year-round.

Lawn pests are troublesome because they can negatively affect the appearance of your lawn and the value of your property. Let us know if you need to remove these creatures from your Boerne yard.

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