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Settled by German immigrants, Comfort sits along Cypress Creek. It's on the west side of the Texas-German belt and is known for its large ranches just outside of town. The community features multiple locally-owned shops and restaurants and has distilleries, wineries, and vineyards.

The surrounding area provides natural habitats for various pests, though. These creatures invade properties when they can't find necessities like food, water, and shelter, damaging structures, belongings, and equipment while spreading potentially dangerous pathogens on surfaces. Comfort, TX, pest control professionals can find and eliminate these pests.

At Covenant Pest Control, our pest professionals have the skills to eliminate the pests on your property and protect it from future infestations. Our pet and family-friendly services prioritize your health while removing unwanted intruders.

Residential Pest Control In Comfort

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Living up to its name, Comfort provides residents with a calm and relaxing lifestyle. However, pests can invade properties, damaging homes and spreading illnesses to occupants. These creatures are often excellent at hiding, making them difficult to find and remove from your house. For this reason, home pest control in Comfort, TX, is essential.

Covenant Pest Control knows how to find and eliminate pests. Our detailed inspection enables us to find structural problems and entry points before creating a customized treatment plan. We'll spray inside to eliminate pests and build a 15 to 20-foot solid barrier around your home's perimeter.

Following our initial service, we can return monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly for further inspections and treatments. Call us for the best pest control services for your Comfort home.

Commercial Pest Control In Comfort

Several businesses operate in Comfort, providing residents with products and services. Anything that limits their ability to serve customers threatens the community. Local pests invade commercial facilities for food, water, and shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses in the buildings. Professional commercial pest control in Comfort, TX, can remove these creatures and prevent others from entering your facility.

The longer you allow these intruders to remain in your building, the more problems they'll cause. They hide in hard-to-see places, so the experts at Covenant Pest Control are your best option. Our pest professionals will inspect your building for signs of pests, remove them, and create an exterior barrier to prevent other invasions. We also offer monthly and bimonthly recurring services for year-round pest control.

We can prevent pests with our customized service. Contact us today to discover how we can protect your Comfort business.

Is Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Comfort Just As Effective?

Many residents prefer eco-friendly pest control products over other options because they're less damaging to the environment and better for your health. But some shy away from these products because they question their effectiveness. Eco-friendly options can be as effective as other products for removing pests and preventing future infestations.

The effectiveness of eco-friendly pest options depends on your situation. Sometimes, infestations require chemicals, but more often than not, naturally-made biopesticides can eliminate your infestation while protecting the environment and your health. The deciding factor can be the size of your infestation because some all-natural pest control sprays only work with fewer pests.

Covenant Pest Control's botanical pest control services include eco-friendly products that won't hurt your pets and family. We offer a combination of treatments, using botanical products inside your building and general pest control products around your exterior. The result is protecting your household while using the most effective products to prevent future infestations.

Eco-friendly pest control is generally as effective as traditional options. Give us a call to learn more about our botanical pest control plans.

How To Spot Signs Of Termite In Comfort

Termites are destructive pests that invade Comfort homes. They live, travel, and infest buildings while remaining hidden and causing extensive damage. They eat slowly through your wood, taking months or years to create noticeable problems, but the damage over time can be severe.

While these insects remain hidden on your property, they leave signs of their presence. Knowing how to spot these signs enables you to discover an infestation before they cause irreparable damage. Some of the indications of termites in your Comfort house include:

  • Winged adults termites

  • Shed termite wings

  • Termite feces that appear like small piles of sawdust

  • Tiny round holes in the surface of your wood

If you think termites might be on your property, our termite control services at Covenant Pest Control can help. Our pest professionals will inspect your property to find signs of termites and produce a detailed evaluation. We'll develop a customized treatment plan to meet your needs and take preventative steps to keep others from entering your house.

We offer one-year and five-year warranties on our termite treatments, so we'll return to re-treat your home if you suffer an infestation. Let us know if you need us to inspect your Comfort home for termites.

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