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Quality Pest Control In Welfare, TX

Welfare, a small city towards the southern end of Texas, is a lovely place to visit and settle down for many reasons. Situated just north of San Antonio, it is a rural community nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, known for its tight-knit community and scenic countryside. With its peaceful atmosphere and friendly residents, Welfare offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But with many hard-to-avoid pest infestations, your quality of life can quickly decline. If you are dealing with one or wish to avoid them year-round, Covenant Pest Control provides top-of-the-line pest control in Welfare, TX.

Residential Pest Control In Welfare

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Few things are more important than keeping your family safe within the home, and yet, a pest infestation could quickly wreak havoc with bacterial contamination, costly property damage, and more.

At Covenant Pest Control, we are a family-operated company committed to providing top-rated residential pest control in the Welfare area. We have years of experience in the industry, and being born and raised in Texas, we know what it takes to tackle even the most challenging local pests.

If unwanted visitors have been taking over your property, eliminating them before they can cause further damage is essential, and our experts can do just that safely and effectively. Our process starts with an initial inspection of your home, including windows, doorways, and bathrooms.

Once we have assessed the situation, we will recommend a treatment plan that can include a variety of techniques, from removing cobwebs to treating active colonies and nests, without forgetting crucial prevention strategies to prevent reinfestations.

Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Welfare

Keeping a commercial property pest-free throughout the season when plenty of factors can attract these nuisances can seem like a part-time job you didn't sign up for. Instead of struggling with DIY strategies that are rarely enough to control an active infestation, working with the pros is best.

As a business ourselves, we know what it takes to keep unwanted invaders far from your property where they belong to keep your customers and employees safe at all times, not to mention your building and inventory.

Call us today to learn about our commercial pest control strategies, which can include monthly or quarterly services, maintenance options like power washing and gutter cleaning, and more.

How To Prevent Ants Around Your Welfare Home

Have you been seeing pesky ants scurrying across your surfaces? If so, it is time to learn to prevent them from returning after a successful elimination strategy. Here are some helpful ant control tips to get started:

  • Keep all surfaces clean. From crumbs on the floor to leftovers on kitchen counters, homes all over Texas provide ants with plenty of food to survive. Cleaning your home, especially at night before bed, is essential to keeping these pests away.

  • Eliminate access points. For ants to take over, they must come into your home with little trouble. They do so through anything from cracks in your foundation to gaps in your window frames or even air vents. Closing them up as best you can will help deter them.

  • Consider regular inspections. Not all ants are the same. Some will spread pathogens throughout your home, while others will break down its wooden structure. Identifying and eliminating them early in an infestation is crucial to keeping your household safe; a professional can do that effectively.

Ants may be tiny, but they can cause much damage before you notice their presence, especially if they are hiding behind your walls.

At Covenant Pest Control, we know to eliminate ants for good, including odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and sugar ants. Call us today to get started with ant control in Welfare you can rely on.

5 Tips To Avoid Mosquito Bites Around Welfare In The Summer

The thought of battling mosquitoes can be enough to avoid spending time outdoors, but these biting pests should not hinder your lifestyle. Here are five tips to prevent getting bitten this summer:

  1. Remove or treat stagnant water. Your mosquito problem will be much worse if your property is a breeding ground. Most of them require stagnant water to lay eggs, and they can do so in surprisingly small amounts.

  2. Consider using fans. Mosquitoes are not strong flyers, and a few fans strategically placed can prevent them from getting to you. It is a temporary solution, but it is helpful when starting treatments.

  3. Wear long sleeves and pants. During cooler evenings, wearing clothes that cover most of your skin can lower the risk of mosquito bites.

  4. Remove hiding spots. Mosquitoes are sensitive to heat and rarely come out when the sun is at its highest. Instead, they hide in tall grass, bushes, and more. Eliminating them can deter these nuisances effectively.

  5. Invest in mosquito control treatments. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to eliminate them at every stage of their life cycle, including when they are just eggs. Our customizable options can let you enjoy your property again year-round.

If you are tired of getting bitten by mosquitoes all summer, call the Covenant Pest Control experts today to get started with safe and effective strategies.

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